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Disability Awareness Training & Motivational Speaking
Elephant in the Room

Level 1 Primary School Training

This Primary School presentation package could count towards the Personal and Social Education (PSE) Area of Learning (or PHSE in England*). It is intended to encourage each child to become personally, emotionally and socially effective and to lead lives where they are confident in their relationships with the disabled. It also helps to them to develop a greater understanding of their place in the community and of its interdependent nature. All school sessions have a strong focus on tackling the issues surrounding bullying. Ongoing support and mentoring can be provided where required.

A hall or other reasonably sized space is recommended and classes each have a mix of discussion and interactive sessions. All timings are approximate and are tailored to your own school timetable.

An example package might contain the following items:

5-7 year olds -  30 -45 mins per group
"Just say Hello!"
"Why/How are you different?" (Discussion)
"What do you think it would be like?" (Interactive session)

8-9 year olds -  30 -45 mins per group
"Why/How are you different?" (Discussion)
"What do you think it would be like?" (Interactive session)
"How would you like to be treated?"(Discussion)

10-11 year olds - 60 mins per group
"Are we all different?" (Discussion)
"How would your life be different?" (Interactive)
"How would you like to be treated?"(Discussion)
"How can you make a difference?" (Discussion/Workshop)

Each child is issued with a certificate at the end of the day as recognition of their involvement and increased awareness.

If you have a small school we may be able to offer a further discount - contact us for details and to discuss your school's individual requirements. If you want to combine budgets with another school we are happy to discuss visiting more than one school in an area in a day.

*Personal, Self & Health Education. In Scotland this is PSD and Northern Ireland, PDMU.

Primary School Training
We always offer education discounts & will always try to tailor our sessions to meet your budget.

(Fees are individually agreed following discussion of your specific requirements, however we have a policy of quoting a maximum price for each package so that you know you will never pay more.)
Thanks to Katie Petroski/Victoria Advocate for this great YouTube video.
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